The Fibro Forecast

The Fibro Forecast issued by body on behalf of the maritime and coast guard agency. At 05:05 on Tuesday 26th March

General Synposis

Poor with a remote chance of clearing later.

Area Forcast

Brain – Foggy. Clearing later… possibly… with areas of general stupidity,
and forgetfulness strong and increasing.

Hearing – clear with potential for ringingness rising

Sight – As always generally shit

Left Shoulder; Right Shoulder – general ache with pain rising. Level 5 rising level 7 later. Overnight pain likely.

Left Arm; Right Arm – heavy with fatigued. Clearing occasionally but with chance of shaking particularly right. Pain level 4 rising 5 later.

Back and Chest – unseasonally fair. With suspicion of planned attack rising.

Lower Back – consistant pain in the right spreading to more general areas later. Level 7 rising 8 with potential for 9 in spasms.

Right Leg – potential for jiggling with occasional locking and clicking