Ode to the Woke Bro

Ode to the woke bro

Dr Jessica Taylor

He calls himself a feminist
And stands up for women’s rights
But he still jacks off to porn
On those lonely nights

He calls himself an ally
And supports a woman’s choice
To get her tits out for empowerment
But not to use her voice

He calls himself a feminist
But I think he is a liar
Because when women argue with him
He tells them to go die in a fire

He calls himself an ally
And he sure does love the sex work
But if his own daughter did it
He’d go fuckin berserk

He calls himself a feminist
And here he is again
To remind all the lesbians
That they should sleep with men

He calls himself an ally
Harassing female scholars on twitter
Telling her how to do her research
And then mansplaining it to her

He calls himself a feminist
But shouts at women on the net
That, ‘Not all men are like that!’
Just in case we all forget

He calls himself an ally
But will report you to your employer
If you talk about sex based rights
So you’d better have a lawyer

He calls himself a feminist
But claims that men are oppressed
Whilst tweeting slurs about an MP
For her ‘inappropriate dress’

He calls himself an ally
And says he has a wife and daughter
And jokes he‘d kill his 15 year old
If she started dating and he caught her

He loves his male privilege
And he calls himself woke
But as far as I can see
He’s just another angry bloke

He’s not a feminist
And he’s not an ally
He’s a woke bro with an ego
Just another misogynist guy

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The Fibro Forecast

The Fibro Forecast issued by body on behalf of the maritime and coast guard agency. At 05:05 on Tuesday 26th March

General Synposis

Poor with a remote chance of clearing later.

Area Forcast

Brain – Foggy. Clearing later… possibly… with areas of general stupidity,
and forgetfulness strong and increasing.

Hearing – clear with potential for ringingness rising

Sight – As always generally shit

Left Shoulder; Right Shoulder – general ache with pain rising. Level 5 rising level 7 later. Overnight pain likely.

Left Arm; Right Arm – heavy with fatigued. Clearing occasionally but with chance of shaking particularly right. Pain level 4 rising 5 later.

Back and Chest – unseasonally fair. With suspicion of planned attack rising.

Lower Back – consistant pain in the right spreading to more general areas later. Level 7 rising 8 with potential for 9 in spasms.

Right Leg – potential for jiggling with occasional locking and clicking


There are many people worse off than me but that shouldn’t stop me from writing about my situation and where I find myself in relation to who I think I am, who I think I was and where/why there is a discrepancy.