The Fibro Forecast

The Fibro Forecast issued by body on behalf of the maritime and coast guard agency. At 05:05 on Tuesday 26th March

General Synposis

Poor with a remote chance of clearing later.

Area Forcast

Brain – Foggy. Clearing later… possibly… with areas of general stupidity,
and forgetfulness strong and increasing.

Hearing – clear with potential for ringingness rising

Sight – As always generally shit

Left Shoulder; Right Shoulder – general ache with pain rising. Level 5 rising level 7 later. Overnight pain likely.

Left Arm; Right Arm – heavy with fatigued. Clearing occasionally but with chance of shaking particularly right. Pain level 4 rising 5 later.

Back and Chest – unseasonally fair. With suspicion of planned attack rising.

Lower Back – consistant pain in the right spreading to more general areas later. Level 7 rising 8 with potential for 9 in spasms.

Right Leg – potential for jiggling with occasional locking and clicking

Fibro-fog today

Today has been a classic of fibrofog. I had a blood test at 8:50 and needed to go shopping so went to doctors. Went shopping. Got home and put car in garage…. left shopping in boot.

Went to get shopping out of boot.

Left shopping on table – didn’t put cold stuff in fridge -made coffee and went into my office.


Daddy Was a Tax Dodger

My daddy was a Tax Dodger
But he never hurt nobody
He just loved to live that way
And he loved to steal your money

We are rich, and you are poor
That’s the way the world’s made.
But we don’t believe in payin’ a fair
Proportion of the Tax take.

So we came to shake it up
We never loved the poor man
They break their backs to earn pay
and then our taxes rob ’em

The old man stood up the Lords
Said “I’ve never been too moral.
I am rich and write the rules
when I rob from them its legal.”

Corrupt Politics and Royalty
Will go on and on forever
’til we all stand up and say as one
The people have the power

With profound apologies to The Clash