When Sleep won’t Come

Why do pop song invade my head (in your head, in your head)
when I try to sleep?
Why can’t I rest and sleep
when I lay down (Sally)

But it’s 5 o’clock in the morning (and I’m putting the world to rights)
and sleep won’t come (the whole night through)
I lie here twisting (my sobriety)
and turning (Japanese – I really think so)
and trying not to wake (me up before you gogo)
my wife – who needs HER sleep and is getting some (fun out of life).

There must be millions (of bicycles in Beijing)
of sheep going uncounted (Let’s drink to the uncounted heads, Let’s think of the wavering millions) – O god back to the bikes.
as I sit and try to clarify (and classify)
my thoughts.
Why do I think?
when I should be asleep (It’s like heaven when I sleep)?
Holy (diver) God I NEED MY SLEEP

My wife (gets into her dressing gown)
snores lightly by my side ( Heaven can wait now you are by my side )
The duvet lifts and falls
And I’m jealous (lover)
and I’m annoyed ( instead of shamed)
but them I’m ashamed (Barney ties me to the chair)
and now revolted at the thought that that brought to mind.
Nevermind (that’s an album title)
Oooh (We’re half way there) God I HAVE TO SLEEP

I hear the clock tick (and I think of you)
but the clock is digital (man)
I’m going slightly mad (It finally happened)
I really need to settle (but now it’s just a war of angry words)
I really need to get my head down (hang your head down Tom Dula)
Now that’s the wrong way round (like a record baby, round, round)
and I feel such a fool (for your loving)

Am I too hot? (This town is too hot)
Throw off the sheets (and I freeze)
Now it’s too cold (And he feels too old)
Oh Crap (what have I got now)
That’s a Morrissey (Johnny looked back, You know he never looked back)
Change thoughts, be quick (or be dead)
Better (you better you bet)
Still no sleep (’til Brooklyn – ’til Bedtime)

Ironically (I really do think)
the dawn chorusĀ  (for someone else to hear)
brings that blessed relief
and sleep arrives for that one moment in time
and all the thoughts in my head
go gentle into that good night
without a lyric in mind,
without a lyric in sight,
without a thought for tomorrow.
I am, finally, asleep.

With sincere apologies to the following (except Morrissey ‘cos he’s a twat):

Zombie – Cranberries
Lay Down Sally – Clapton
You’re Cheatin’ Heart – Hank Williams
Twist in My Sobriety – Tinita Tikaram
Turning Japanese – the Vapours
Wake Me Up – Wham!
Getting Some Fun Out of Life – Billie Holiday
9 Million Bicycles – Katie Melua
Salt of the Earth – Rolling Stones
99 Red Baloons – Nena
Asleep – Everly Brothers
She’s Leaving Home – Beatles
Heaven Can Wait – Dannii Minogue
Nothing I do – Jamie Cullem
Floyd The Barber – Nirvana
Living on a Prayer – Bon Jovi
Time After Time – Cyndi Lauper
Digital Man – Rush
I’m going slightly mad – Queen
A place I want to be – Ferocious Dog
Tom Dula – Neil Young
You Spin Me Round – Dead or Alive
Fool For Your Loving – Whitesnake
Too Hot – The Specials
Who Needs Sleep? – Barenaked Ladies
Spring Heeled Jim – Morrissey
Photograph – Folkusband
Vince Taylor – Adam Ant
Be Quick, or be dead – Iron Maiden
You better you bet – The Who
No Sleep ’til Brooklyn – Beastie Boys
Stutter Rap – Morris Minor and the Majors
Ironic – Allanis Morrisette
Lover to the Dawn – David Bowie